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Life is the JOURNEY, not a destination

For this reason, at Galbag we offer suitcases for people who move with determination.

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The time for processing an order is 7-10 days.

So that you can be guided and know when we will have it ready, if you do it before Monday , we will have your embroidered product the following Monday .


The confirmation emails are in the spam folder !!!


We ask for your patience please, we are a small company and we do everything possible to get them to you on time.


Thank you very much for trusting Galbag!



CARE waxed fabric products

Olympus toiletry bag, suitcase and Kilimanjaro backpack

These are made of Barbour-type fabric, so they require some care to avoid scratches from the tarpaulin.
If they are observed, we recommend careful brushing with a regular brush for fabrics.
This way you will always keep your perfect suitcase!!


One of the most important steps when making a trip is "THE SUITCASE" that is why we offer you a variety of products with different sizes, textures and prices.


Comfortable and light so you can fill it with all your new adventures

Mochila kilimanjaro
maleta con pasaporte

A suitable suitcase determines the success of your trip.

Galbag has a wonderful selection of travel bags designed especially for "people on the go".

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Live and travel that life is two days!

Get the best out of each of your adventures, whether it's for a getaway abroad or to explore your culture. Galbag suitcases are made for you to travel the world.

I prefer the Mulhacén bag because of how big and spacious it is. I've been on a bridge several times (5-6 days) and everything fits me perfectly. If you are looking for a large suitcase, this is yours

Carmen M

I liked the travel bag that I gave away and I liked it a lot; As for the treatment, punctuality and quality of service a 10! All very good and very professional. Good luck and keep fighting.


Delighted with the order I made you! I thought it would take longer but it arrived in Salamanca in two days. I will repeat! Thanks.


About us

How did Galbag come about?

It all started when I had the need to buy a suitcase that would suit my possibilities and above all that I would love as soon as I saw it. I was looking for one for a while and none of the ones I saw I liked enough to buy. After a few months during the period that I did not have Instagram, I began to think about it several times and ended up packing a suitcase with my initials. At that moment I saw the possibility of setting up a Start Up that would adapt to the possibilities of everyone and where the quality of the products prevailed.

-Isabel Galvez Roca CEO